Little By Little

Murray, KY

Little By Little is an indie folk-pop band based out of Murray, KY.  Lead by Kayla Little on vocals and guitar, accompanied by Brent Smith on bass, Sam Blalock on electric guitar and Carson McCann on drums. They combine influences from multiple genres like folk, pop, jazz, and rock to create their own unique sound with original music as well as covers. 

The band’s sound focuses mainly around Little’s songwriting. Kayla Little has been commanding the stage since childhood. A born thespian and inimitable vocalist, Little’s charisma and talent shine through each turn of phrase she delivers to her audience. Her classical vocal training and extensive background in jazz performance have lent themselves to Little’s agile, shimmering timbre that is as comfortable in a Mozartian aria as an Ella Fitzgerald jazz standard or contemporary pop tune. She grew up heavily influenced by classic artists like The Beatles Elton John, and Carole King. These influences and experiences give her songs a unique and eclectic color not found in typical indie artists today. In just a handful of years, Little By Little has cemented their place in the Midsouth scene as incomparable performers and musicians.